Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hi everyone, I am moving to a new, shiny place on my own website. My new blog is here!
Update your links!

I will update on how you can subscribe to my new blog... once I figure out how.... being on blogspot for so long, I am not familiar with WP. heh.

Anyways, hope to see you there! Leave your thoughts in the comment section... (does anyone actually read this blog anyways haha -_-" )

Friday, August 26, 2011

Listen to Yourself

You spend your days playing child
curled up by your bedside
"I can't do this," you said,
all those mysteries locked in your head... don't you want to know?

Crackle open your mind, decode with your vision
taste with your tongue, listen to yourself.
All those mysteries locked in your head... don't you want to know?

Running lights can pass you by, before any choice was given
don't waste your time, just listen to yourself.
All those mysteries locked in your head... don't you want to know?

Just listen to yourself
every second you scream out
every minute is a burn out
every hour is a fallout
every day is just about
the same as your whole life
are you too frail to wander out?

Just listen to yourself
you don't have much time, stretch out and listen
beyond your bones, listen to yourself.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

some of my latest drawings

I am now available for drawing commissions. Shoot me an e-mail at munira.hmz at

To keep up with my updates, you can head to my facebook page.

I'm currently editing my website, and I am having troubles re-linking my blog. Anyone know a solution?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

wordly wishlist

I have limited tools. All I've got is pen and paper, and my beloved scanner. Although currently it suffices, I'd be lying if I say I don't have a wishlist. And so, to encourage myself to create more art and start saving money (so I can create more art)... here is my wishlist:

1) Wacom graphics tablet

I've borrowed my friend's Bamboo Fun, and it was indeed, so much fun. This will make a lot of stuff easier, and open up many new possibilities. Design work, digital painting, animation... so much easier. Any model would do.

2) Canon DSLR camera

We have one at home, it takes decent pictures, an old 350D. However, I really want to explore the moving image medium and experiment with video. I've been in love with this medium since high school but never had the equipment to try out my ideas. Any camera will do, a 550D for it's price is good enough for me. The dream would be a 5DMII but that seems like a long way off. Also with this item in the wishlist, comes along all the other camera contraptions.

3) microphone

So I can experiment more with poetry and complement the videos with audio narrative. Our laptops at home are ancient and have no such feature. (Actually my mom's does but the quality is just not good)

4) painting easel

A basic. Would really come in handy (and keep the floor clearer everytime I make a painting. Which to think about it, has been quite a long while... heh.)

5) my own desktop pc

Currently I share it with my sister.

6) my own studio

in my dream house. key word: dream. hahaha.

Also, I really really need to update this blog layout. It's 3 years old and in need of serious renovations.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Heritage Race!

Come on and register to enter the Heritage Race in conjunction with Heritage Studies Annual Exhibition 2011! Learn lots of new things whilst having fun! A grand cash prize waiting to be won =)

haaa ni poster baru! with date correction :) 28 June 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heritage Studies Annual Exhibition 2011

Do come to our Heritage Studies Annual Exhibition 2011, documenting our journey across 4 countries - Malaysia (Pekan, Pahang), Indonesia (Surabaya), Bangladesh (Dhaka), and Iran (Isfahan).

I'm from the Dhaka group and the video above is the Dhaka trailer from our group. Come to the exhibition and you'll see and learn much much more!